Why make a stop in Bogota?

When you think of Bogota you think of a busy city, traffic, big buildings, large avenues and you can think that in this city there is nothing else to do, only go to business, to a meeting, maybe visit a mall to go shopping, but the impression is simply an interpretation of the concept we have of capital city, as well as having the typical characteristics of a big city has those cultural traits marked by history that translate into museums, parks, plazas, ajiaco, mango biche, arequipe, Monserrate, Transmilenio … and it may not end up being named fantastic places that you can live with Colombia My Trip on your connecting flight in Bogota, as the gold museum with the largest collection of goldsmiths and pre-Columbian objects in Colombia, the Botero museum with several paintings and donated sculptures by renowned artist Fernando Botero; for lovers of the gastronomy Andres Carne de Res where you can find Colombian flavors and above all the atmosphere and the rumba of the capital, music from different times, characters that animate the people with the Colombian rhythms and a unique environment thanks to its striking decoration, another unmissable option is Gaira Música Local, where the Colombian singer Carlos Vives pays tribute to the roots of Colombian music and creates a studio for the protagonist to be the rhythm of the Caribbean, the cumbia and the accordion and on the table carimañolas, arepa de huevo and butifarra.

All this without counting exceptional places that Stopover Bogota offers you that are less than two hours from the city, such as Chicaque Park, a natural reserve that has a cloud forest, a perfect place for hiking, the lagoon of Guatavita with its enigmatic golden legend, the architectural wonders found in the salt mines of Nemocon and Zipaquira, the first as a tribute to the hard work of the miners and the second as one of the most impressive religious representations of the country being the first cathedral built 180 meters from depth. Stopover is the challenge is let yourself be enveloped by the richness cultural, natural and historical of Bogota, and with Colombia My Trip there is no excuse to miss the opportunity to visit any of these places and take a memory of a city that values their customs, respects and it preserves the legacy of history and in the same time is modern and pleasant for those who inhabit it and visit it.


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