What to do in a stopover in Bogotá

Bogotá turismo Monserrate

If you get to have a stopover in Bogotá take advantage of it and plan some of many activities you can carry out in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.

Bogotá is a mandatory stop when visiting Colombia. We invite you to a stopover in order to find the most significant cultural center of the country full of museums, churches, shopping, nightlife, food, and at the outskirts, dream places. Here, a list of must-sees:

    1. Monserrate hill, Bogotá’s icon
      The Cerro de Monserrate (Monserrate Hill) is the main reference point of Bogotá and the most visited place day or night. Thousands of people want to climb up this mountain by cable car, tram or just walking.  The prize is one of the best panoramic views of the city.

    2. Plaza de Bolívar, the center of big events
      The Catedral Primada, Casa del Florero, the Palacio de Justicia, the Palacio de San Carlos and the Palacio Liévano surround this square which has become the center of the country’s biggest events.

    3. La Candelaria, historic center
      This neighborhood (enlazarlo con is full of history, monuments, museums, churches and streets that still preserve colonial traces.

    4. Museums with stories to tell
      There are about 58 museums that collect in their walls history and art which represent indigenous cultures, the colonial era and pieces of art of the most known Colombian artists, as well as reknown international artists.  The last Sunday of every month the entrance to around 35 museums is free.

    5. Catholic temples: a patrimony of the nation
      At Bogota’s downtown you will find most of Catholic temples that were built during colonial times.  If you are interested in religious art you must visit the churches of San Francisco, La Tercera, Veracruz, La Candelaria, Las Aguas, the Catedral Primada with its Sagrario chapel and others.

    6. Bogotá a city full of shows
      In Colombia’s capital you can find an offer, at any time of the year, of venues for shows, concerts, parties, and restaurants with varied food for all tastes.

    7. World class food
      There is a great variety of food: typical food, fusion cuisine, international menus, pastries, that you can find in different restaurants within six zones of the city and some at the outskirts in towns as Chía.

    8. Shopping in Bogotá
      There is everything, shopping malls, flea markets, handcraft fairs, antique and specialized shops.  The most popular products are: emeralds, jewelry in gold and silver, Wayúu mochila bags, chivas replicas, handcrafts made with molas and leather, typical hats, among others.

    9. A trip to Bogotá’s outskirts
      Don’t miss this trip.  Ask for the Salt Cathedral, the salt mine od Nemocón, Guatavita pond and the natural parks surrounding Bogotá.  It’s quite an experience!
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