Tour Verjón Páramo

The Matarredonda Ecological Park has over 2375 hectares. You will find the closest
páramo to the city; El Verjón, where you can enjoy its exuberant nature, caves and
beautiful waterfalls. You will learn about the importance of these incredible water factories,
which makes them an ecosystem rich in flora and fauna, and that supply water to nearby
sites during dry times.

The Verjón páramo is located just 30 minutes away from Bogota. During the tour you will
walk through one of the real roads of the Colony, which in the 18th century used to
connect Choachí with Bogota, the savannah and the eastern plains, and that allowed the
economic development of the communities at that time.

Enjoy the splendor of nature in the paramo during an ecological walk of approximately 3
hours in the Matarredonda Park, where you will experience closely the rich ecosystem of
the paramo and learn about the importance of frailejones. On the other hand, these
ancestral ecosystems used to be places of great sacred and spiritual importance for the
ancient Muiscas of the region. One example is the Teusacá Lagoon, known today as the
Verjón Lagoon.


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