Do you know what the flagship tree of Bogotá is?

The best opportunity to find out is visiting the Colombian capital.
And what better way to do it than having a Stopover in Bogota.
Live an unforgettable experience full of nature in the
middle of the city and visit the Botanical Garden of Bogota José Celestino
Mutis, where you will get to know our flagship tree. You will also have the
opportunity to appreciate much of the Colombian flora, from which the high

Andean biodiversity and characteristic ecosystems of the country such as the
paramo stand out.

Connect with nature in the middle of a big city. In the Botanical Garden José
Celestino Mutis, you can find more than hundreds of native species, such as the
flagship tree of Bogotá, the Walnut tree (Nogal). This is a tree that is
characterized by its height (25m) and longevity. It stands out for its great
resistance to pollution, which is a very important aspect for the citizens, as it
carries a high environmental, landscaping , cultural and historical value. This
species comes from the Colombian mountain ranges. And it is currently
possible to find it in the north of South America.

The Walnut tree (Nogal) has several peculiarities. The use of its leaves stands
out due to it works as a blood depurative, which it is also used to combat liver
conditions. Its wood is used for cabinetmaking, a type of carpentry aimed at
the construction of furniture. And its fruits are consumed by wildlife. Because
it is our flagship tree, this is one of the species selected for tree planting in
Bogota, since it adapts very well to the urban environment.

The Botanical Garden of Bogota is named after the astronomer and botanist
José Celestino Mutis, who was one of the pioneers in promoting with his work
the tradition around the flora and fauna in our country. In 1783 the Royal
Botanical Expedition of the New Kingdom of Granada began, which was
probably the most important scientific expedition of the XVIII century. The
expedition lasted thirty-three years, in which over 20 thousand plant species
and 7 thousand species of animals were cataloged.

The vast majority of people who visit Bogota are not aware of the great
material and immaterial value of the Botanical Garden, since it is the main
center of research in the city, which is responsible for the integral
management of green coverage in the capital. Moreover, it is responsible for
developing conservation, maintenance and care programs for living flora
collections. And because it helps with environmental sustainability, the
Botanical Garden promotes environmental education, so people learn how to
appreciate and take care of the garden, without leaving aside its recreational
aspect for citizens.

When walking through the Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis, you will find
a beautiful place with multiple natural environments, where you can walk in
the middle of its forests with thick trees and enjoy the incredible aroma of the
rose garden. This is a perfect place to take excellent pictures full of colors and
textures. During the tour you will have the chance to get to know the beautiful
and colorful Colombian Orchids.

Now that you know the value of the Botanical Garden of Bogota José Celestino
Mutis, we invite you to take advantage of your Stopover in the best way
possible, according to your preferences, and enjoy your time between flights in
the 5-Hour Stopover Tour Botanical Garden and La Candelaria, which is a
really fun tour, full of nature and culture. You just need 5 hours to get to know
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