The term “4, 5, 12-hour Stopover” in cities like Bogota usually generates the
sensation of loss of time, or absence of place. The challenge is to turn that time
into a possibility to get to know different aspects of the city.
Bogota, capital of Colombia, is a vault full of treasures awaiting to be discovered,
which provides several choices for the tourist, since we are talking about the prior
hours to taking their return flight. One of the choices is heading towards downtown
by taking a Transmilenio route to the Rosario University small square where they
will meet their tour guide. Then, the tour guide will take them to a tourism agency,
and there they will be provided with information about very compelling tours and
activities, such as visiting the Bogota-Graffiti by bike which is a wonderful
Bogota has promoted the use of bicycles and tourism has taken it very
interestingly, because during these bike trips you can take routes such as La
Jiménez to get to La Candelaria and enjoy an important urban culture such as the
Graffiti. This technique has taken important walls of the city. However, it is not only
the urban landscape that they can enjoy, but they can also learn about the history
of the city, its social, urban and commercial advances. Afterwards, the next route
will be Carrera séptima (7 th road), an optimum pedestrian road for the use of
bicycle that offers locals and tourists a series of cultural expressions. You can go to
the Central Cemetery via 26 th street, which is a highway that presents the two faces
of the beautiful capital city: the international and economical center and the
expression of urban artists, who through their works are telling their own stories,
which are always loaded with critical content on social and political issues. These
stories have been exhibited as a sort of urban gallery known as Graffiti District,
which is located at key points across the Americas Avenue. This is one the most
important highways that connects the east with downtown and the west of the city.
Graffiti District presents on its walls various techniques, languages and methods to
create this type of works that make up the urban culture, the art as a channel of
The duration of the tour is about two hours and a half. This time is enough to rest,
do some physical activity and especially to best spend their short time in Bogota
The tourist can join a Parche (local slang for group of friends) with Cachacos (word
used to describe locals in Bogota) to learn about the culture and art of the city,
enjoy some physical activities such as cycling and perhaps, to take-away the best
and most enriching idea of our capital.

We are more than glad and willing to accompany you during your valuable time
during the stopover and show you important scenarios of our city. We are sure that
after this bike-tour, you will want to come back.


Tourism Agency Parche Cachaco Tours

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