Connect with Colombian Nature during your Flight Connection in Bogota

Bogotá Jardín botánico

Time seems not to move as you’re in the airport waiting for your next flight to arrive—while daydreaming about all those great comments your friends made about Colombia. – “You should’ve seen those green mountains and rivers. The biodiversity there is astonishing.” On the other hand, memories of exotic flowers in the photos your friends sent fill the air with a warm, sweet fragrance that makes you want to leave the airport right away.

Would you like to experience some of that when you’re still here? The only question now is How? By the way, you only have a few hours.

The good news is that considering all this, Bogota Stopover Project has created an easy way so that you don’t need to plan a thing yet have this experience and much more! There’s a team of savvy guides and air-conditioned vehicles at your disposal.

There’s not really much nature at the airport. However, the biggest botanical garden in Colombia is located just about 10 minutes from you. The garden’s design will allow you insights into some of the captivating Colombian ecosystems—spanning from Moorlands to Deserts.

Enjoy the view of the waterfall and lake as you hear the bird’s trilling. Walk-through the fern’s garden, Andean Cloud and Oak forests, which are sanctuaries for several birds, and amphibians there. Look at the hummingbirds flying over the exotic flowers and much more!

Yeah, all this sounds much better than staying at the airport, right?

In closing, if this resonates with you somehow, and you’re already in the airport, feel free to reach us at the Tourist Information Office. We’ll be more than happy to help you have a memorable experience during your flight connection.

On the other hand, if you know that you’ll have a stopover here, you can start planning everything now. Just take a look at all the possible things to do in Bogota and explore its must-see places and book from the comfort of your home.

Happy traveling!

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