La Candelaria: Bogotá’s historic center

La Candelaria: Bogotá, historic center

If you are a stopover in Bogotá and are interested in learning about the capital of Colombia’s history, we invite you to make a stop in this neighborhood, a place full of monuments, museums, churches and streets that still preserve remnants of the colonial period.

During the time of the stopover, you can take a walk of about 5-hour sightseeing tour around this neighborhood, a landmark of Colombia, you will know places that are part of the country’s historical heritage:

  1. Teatro Colón
    The Teatro Colón (Columbus Theatre), which is one of Colombia’s national monuments, was inaugurated on October 12, 1892 while commemorating the fourth centenary of the discovery of the Americas. Many famous and prestigious international artists have performed since on this stage. 
  2. Bolívar Square
    This place is a must-see. Around the square are located the most emblematic buildings of Bogotá. There you will see the Catedral Primada, Colombia’s main cathedral; the Justice Palace; the Liévano Palace which is the Major’s office; the National Capitol, which is the place where senators meet; and Nariño’s palace, the presidential residence. 
  3. San Carlos Palace
    This colonial mansion from the 16th century, has been since a Jesuit seminary, Santafé’s public library and presidential palace. From this building Simón Bolívar escaped from an attempt against his life in September 1828. It currently houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Chancellery. 
  4. Liévano Palace
    This building, declared a National Monument, has a renaissance style and is the current City Hall. Its history goes back to the republican era in which it housed the Galerías Arrubla, the first city mall, founded in 1848. 
  5. Catedral Primada
    This building was finished in 1823. It’s Colombia’s main catholic temple with a Doric style with Ionic towers. On the inside it has a central nave and two lateral of the same height, the main altar and 14 chapels, among which the Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia chapel is highlighted for it houses the remains of historical figures of Colombia.
  6. Santa Clara Museum
    This temple which is currently a museum preserves its original decoration, consisting of Baroque retables, oil paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries and murals. In total there are around 140 pieces in addition to the floral figures carved in wood coated with a gold sheet. 
  7. Botero Museum
    It’s a collection of 123 pieces by Colombian master artist Fernando Botero, as well as an exhibition of his personal collection consisting of pieces by European artists as Monet, Degas, Dali, Picasso, and drawings of the American avant-garde from the 20th century, among others.
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