Graffiti-Bike Tour

Did you know that Bogotá is becoming a gallery city?

Bogotá is one of the most remarkable urban art destinations in the world. If you have time
between flights and you want to know about that aspect of Bogota, you can do it while
riding a bike. Live an unforgettable experience through a Graffiti-Bike Tour. This is the
most fun plan you can have, since in addition to knowing the city, you can see some of the
most representative graffiti of the Colombian capital and learn about its technique and
All the graffiti you will visit has been made by local, national and international artists;
countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, France and the United States. These graffitis are
designed in large format, approximately 9 meters high by 6 wide, and they enrich the
urban artistic context and provide a creative, fresh and innovative perspective of the city.
These artistic works tell their incredible stories to curious locals and tourists.
The duration of the tour is three hours and the whole distance of the ride is approximately
12 km (round trip). We will lend you the bicycle, the helmet and the necessary equipment
to carry out the tour. Besides, we can stop whenever you want every time you want to take
a picture for your travel record.
Please keep in mind that although the level of cyclo-tourism is beginner, it is important
that you let us know beforehand if you suffer from any cardiovascular disease or health
condition that prevent you from riding a bicycle.


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