A delicious in Bogota

On my last stop in Bogota before a flight to Argentina I felt a great interest in the cuisine of the Capital, many speak of Bogota for its excellent restaurants, the famous chefs who appear in the renowned Reality Show leave Colombian cuisine very high, for the variety of fruits and others.

I decided during my connection to take a gastronomic tour, visit one of the galleries or market places as they call it in Bogota, there in Paloquemao I found a paradise of colors, aromas and flavors, in the shop of Lucia I had the pleasure to taste a piece of pitaya, guava and lulo, each different from the other, textures and flavors and I did not taste even 20% of the variety of fruits that were in the place, before leaving the square I drink a passion fruit juice or Maracuya.

Maracuyá gastronomía Colombia

It was time to have lunch, we went to a sector called La Macarena with an excellent gastronomic offer, there we entered a typical restaurant where we could taste patacones with hogao and chicharrones to welcome the main course the famous Ajiaco Bogotano, a delicious soup that brings chicken, different varieties of potatoes, peas, cob among other ingredients that give it the flavor, is accompanied by rice and avocado and without thinking twice I would tell you that you can never go to Bogota if you drink A plate of this magnificent soup.


To close the lunch the dessert was an almojabana cake accompanied by arequipe, better known as milk sweet and so I can said that my palate enjoyed flavors and uniqueness of the region during my stopover in Bogota.

Ajiaco Bogotá turismo gastronómio

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