Connection with history and culture in Bogotá.

The surroundings of Bogota harbor to endless number of tourist attractions that you can visit during a stopover in the capital city, if you have more than 8 hours of time in the city, the best recommendation is a visit to the Nemocon salt mine , the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira or Laguna de Guatavita, magical places created by nature and suitable for man for cultural enjoyment and historical learning, in Nemocon you can feel as a miner, you will enter the mine with a helmet and not because it is dangerous, but for the experience of feeling like a real miner, you can admire the best water mirrors, sculptures and a space dedicated to the movie The 33, because there was the recording of the film with the actor Antonio Banderas. To enter a more natural state you can visit the Laguna de Guatavita this natural park is the main stage of the famous legend of El Dorado, climb up a mountain until you reach a unique view that lets you relive stories of the Muiscas indigenous people and the origins from this incredible region and as a last option you have the salt cathedral of Zipaquirá, better known as the first wonder of Colombia, built in a real salt mine, from its entrance you will find lights, sculptures in salt and marble and a large religious sense created from the viacrucis that will take you to the deepest point located 170 meters underground where you can admire an immense cross and all the elements that make up a real cathedral, with a little more time during your stop in Bogotá you can even relax in the new Cathedral Spa, therapies and energy processes that take advantage of the benefits of salt, to give visitors another more even reason to visit the first wonder of Colombia. Do not waste time that stop in Bogota can be the connection with the history and culture of the city.

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